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cancel membership

Wanting to cancel membership, have an old account and newer account. It won't let me go to either.

Can you help.

It could be under jtrb47274@***o or susiediver72@***o. Thank you

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Julie Smith
Unfortunately, the Terms of Service for Swing Lifestyle do not provide any information on how you can cancel your membership. However, states that you can delete your account using "Tools" on the left side of the screen. You should choose “Delete your profile” and follow the instructions. And SLS will prompt you to stop your premium membership before you can fully delete your account.
According to, you may delete your SLA account by sending a mail. On the subject line, you should type “Request to delete my account”.
My companion thomas j Johnson passed away and I have been trying to cancel and remove our profile and pictures but not working. Our profile name is tjandsilkysusie. Please delete and let me know when completed
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Why can I not log on? I'm paid until the 8th of this month

I have been trying to log on to my account and keep getting rejected. I'm paid until the 9th of this month

1 answer
Julie Smith
If you have paid correctly and still can't log into your account, it is better to contact Swing Lifestyle customer service by sending a letter to
DashBoardHosting, LLC P.O. Box 9896 Coral Springs, FL. 33075

Membership plan

Im looking to get a membership that is non renewing once its done. Is there anyway that i can just get a 1 month membership?

Or is the three month membership the only membership that doesnt renew after the three months are done. Again im looking for an option that does not renew automatically and charge my credit card, just want to do one payment.

1 answer
Julie Smith

According to Swing Lifestyle terms and conditions, there are different membership types: free membership, paid membership, and lifetime membership. You can become a Free Member simply by completing Registration. Free Members have limited access to Swing Lifestyle Facilities. For example, Free Members are allowed to view five (5) Profiles per day with access to primarily non-nude, Public Content. Free Members may be able to send up to five (5) messages per day. In addition, Free Members may also be able to participate in chat rooms and have limited access to other Content. If you have any questions, please contact Swing Lifestyle customer support via certified mail at DashBoardHosting, LLC P.O. Box 9896 Coral Springs, FL. 33075.


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