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Swing Lifestyle in Phoenix, Arizona - I'm trying to contact someone. Impossibe. Y companion passed away and I want to delete my account. It says I'm deleted but friends seeing it out there. It's tjandsilkysusie me email is leitch5050@.

Continued. Thomas j Johnson deceased. Tjandsilkysusie. Please delete and email me at leitch5050@***.com when completed.
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Companion that j Johnson deceased. Delete account. Tjandsilkysusie

Swing Lifestyle in Maricopa, Arizona - Rude Customer Service, Refused To Refund Money

Opened an account and paid for the lifetime membership of 149.00. I sent an email to Customer Service asking how to set up a group so that I can begin hosting parties. While waiting on a response I set up a group, I never posted a party I simply set up a group with a name. I began reading the terms of service and discovered that they would like for you to send in a LLC to establish that I was apart of a business and that their had been changes to the way you can host a party and what you could put in party listings and I decided that it wasn't for me. I began looking for a customer service number so that I can call and ask for a refund (it's very hard to find customer service number, the first number I called was disconnected). Eventually after searching for a few days I was able to get into contact with Customer Service and spoke with a lady by the name of Sandy. During the call I told her the name of the group that I had set up and she interrupted me saying, Oh I remember you your account was suspended for advertising. I asked how, when did I advertise I only set up an account and saw that things are a lot different from a few years ago when I was a member and I'd like to close the account and have my money refunded and that I was unable to close the account due to their site being down and being unable to reach customer service. Sandy rudely told me that they would not close the account and that they would not issue a credit back. I ask Sandy why considering that I hadn't use the service, I was unable to reach customer service to request cancellation and refund and that the account was suspended for advertising when I never wrote a single member. She again stated that it's their policy to not issue a refund so that I would not be receiving a refund. I ask her why not, I haven't used service I have no intentions of using service, you have my profile off line for advertising which I'm still unsure how I advertised by setting up a group with language that sls approved of ( I received a message from sls saying congratulations your group has been reviewed and approved) ,how can you ban me and keep my money at the same time. She again said they wouldn't cancel or refund my money. After haggling with Sandy a few more minutes we ended the call, I signed into to sls (the site was back on line after being down) to close the profile only to discover that Sandy had sent me a email saying that my profile had been suspended and if I wanted it to go back on line I'd need to respond to her email acknowledging that I advertised and that I wouldn't do it again. I responded to the email saying I admit to no such thing and that I'd like to close the account and receive a refund and that my attempts to close account to customer service was unsuccessful and that representative was rude. I received yet another email from Sandy which was really rude stating that apparently I didn't read their terms of account and that will not be issuing a refund because they don't refund money. I'm in the process of disputing the charge via the bank and I'll be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau.
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Poor customer service

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